March 21, 2009

Just a youth in Highschool

Video from the night BIG was murdered 12 years ago

Peeped the young Kenny Burns rockin the mic 6:42

March 17, 2009

How THEY Saw It: My Highway

Shes Gotta Have it...HU style

One of my favorite Spike Lee flicks gets a HU twist

HU yoooou knooow! Bari Whatup!(Mr.HHG)

March 13, 2009

March 12, 2009

How EYE Saw It: EZ $kywalker..stay on the look out

Remember where you saw it first



Check "We getting money and pu**Y" the mixtape on dat piff
ErnEDITS Video

Suit Boot: Sabit...Purple Label...Nike air Jordan force 9

March 10, 2009

The Fly Girl Guide and Yahzarah pt.1

The Fly Girl Guide catches up with Yahzarah before her performance with Foreign Exchange aswell as a quick chat with Phonte...part 1 of 2

ErnEDITS Video
Free Residential Ground Shipping on orders over $150. expires 3.31.09

back stage with J Davey

Good show

If any one feels the need...

...Send this Tee my way..please and thankyou...the mixtape is smooth too

Shout out to pennantRace

March 9, 2009

tabi Cab Confessions pt 4 & 5

ErnEDITS X GAKcity Video

Jazmin Sullivan

I dig this woman

HU Fam holding it down... M.Moss

Your nobody till somebody kills you

RIP BIG playing all day biggie tribute online stream

Miles Monday

Its Beautiful day why not enjoy it with 2 good Miles videes

March 8, 2009

Foreign Exchange

My new twist

Foreign Exchange and J Davey Show this past Friday was definitely a good look...Fly girl Guide interviews coming soon...Shout out Yahzahrah and Coco C

Gusto TV X Young Farmers

ErnEDITS Video