February 28, 2009

Now YOU know: If You in NY

Time Square Arts Center
669 8th Avenue
Between W. 42nd and W. 43rd St.
New York, New York

February 27, 2009

Throwback videe

Now Mayor of DC Adrian Fenty

ErnEDITS X Radar Ent. Video

Now YOU Know: If You in DC

will be performing free at the Kennedy Center 6pm lines will start at the Grand Foyer entrance

Art: Poster Boy

February 25, 2009

Hype Williams X Jamie Foxx

Best Music Video director ever

Ez $kywalker Do It video shoot pt. 3

3rd installment of Ez's Video shoot for "Do It"

ErnEDITS Video

How THEY Saw It: My Highway

Public Art: Act 1

Mr. NY Times Whatup!
Compusa (Systemax, Inc.)

Ready Set Go X 9th Wonder

Throwback Mr. Ready Set Go catches up with good brother 9th Wonder..HU homecoming 08

ErnEDITS Video
Mec Whatup!

February 19, 2009

How EYE Saw It: Jan. 20th

quick snippet

HOW EYE SAW IT: Jan 2oth from ErnEDITS on Vimeo.
Artwork of Obama in video By:R.Gillum Jr.- contact: gillumo@yahoo.com
Music: "In a Sentimental Mood"- Duke Ellington John Coltrane

Souflay Throwback

throwback ErnEDITS videe

How THEY Saw It : Diva Speaks

What up Amanda!

How EYE Saw It: Jan 20th...

HISTORY...brief clip of inauguration day...Messiah Obama video coming soon

February 18, 2009

How THEY Saw It: 576 Productions


Drake So Far gone Mixtape

just downloaded this...kinda fire...look around for it def worth the download

How EYE Saw It: Souflay -Throwback videe

You have to watch in high quality

stay on the look out Souflay has some things cooking in 09 GRAN CRU whatup!
ErnEDITS Video


Now YOU know: If You inDC


Diet Butcher Slim Skin High Top Sneakers


and their statement on the matter..trying to shun Sharpton...naw OPEN YOUR EYES folks..its still here...NY POST FOX NEWS all the same

This is what they think over seas..check the comments

AmeriKKA the hopeless... less than 4 weeks after the inauguration!!!
Yankee scum.

You bangers don't get it, this is as offensive as it can get in this country.
Grossly vicious play on most atrocious racial themes this country has ever been known for. Most editorial boards will look right through it, its that shameful.

The Corner Office

the Nile boys are back at it

The truth behind CBrown n Ri-Ri

CocaCarla whatup

Tune In..Holding the ladies down

TheQuan What up!


TSR -lost leak Mickey

once again he goes in

Check out All Hip Hop

tabi Cab Confession in video section