January 15, 2009

RIP Bilal Russell--July 12, 1983-January 14,2009

HU FAM gone...Damn random acts of violence


Will be missed my dude


Anonymous said...

You will be greatly missed and We LOVE You. You was my Best Friend and my Support ... I could call on you for anything. You was a very Smart Guy with a Big Heart, and you was also My Role Model. You did so much in your Lifetime and no one compares to YOU. You had NO enemies and you was Loved By MANY.

You will Always be my SUPERSTAR.

"If I could only Be like Bilal."

Love You,
Shontavia G.

Anonymous said...

Damn B! You WILL be greatly missed my friend. I just am at a loss for words -- all those plans we had brotha!! Just know that I will keep 'em going until they finally come to be!!

"We gonna make it legit baby!!"

R.I.P. Homie

MJ said...


It's sad to see a good hearted person taken from this earth so soon. i pra that God touches the hearts of those closest to you. And that from you spot in heaven you that you were loved and will be missed.

Michael said...

B! Still can't get over you not being here man ! Will see you soon on the other side of this World. God is good! All the time... Love you

Anonymous said...

It's been one year since Bilal has been taken from us so violently and wrongly. It feels like yesterday he was smiling those million dollar dimples at me...I miss him more than words. My son misses him and life is that much emptier without Bilal. I'm still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. What I wouldn't give to have him alive and with us today!